What is a blonde espresso? Try one in 2022.

Have you heard of the blonde espresso and are curious to know what is blonde espresso? This article will give you all the details you are looking for.

Blonde Espresso Bean Find out what is a blond espresso
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I have always wonder what is a blonde espresso and how does it taste like. I first tried the blonde espresso when a friend dared me to. I had been a fan of the regular espresso for a while, and I did not think a sip would do any harm. This one sip, however, eventually led to my addiction to the blonde espresso. This article will give you more details on what it contains, its taste, its difference from the regular one and much more. Read on to find out more!

What is blonde espresso?

A blonde espresso is a blend of Latin American and East African coffee beans which are lightly roasted. The blonde roast coffee beans are usually roasted for a short time and at a low temperature. Starbucks identifies a blonde espresso as a softer more balanced espresso blend that goes even better with milk. It does indeed!

What is the difference between blonde and regular espresso?


Blonde roast beans are lighter in appearance and less brown than regular espresso. On the other hand, regular roast beans are darker. When roasted, the blonde espresso becomes even lighter than the traditional espresso.

Roasting process

The roasting process for blonde roast coffee beans usually takes a shorter time and uses a lower temperature. Normally, the regular espresso beans are roasted for a longer period.


Roasting coffee beans for a long period makes the oil and sugars caramelize as the beans become blacker. Well, the caramelized mixture gives the coffee a better taste. With a light roast, there isn’t enough time for the oils and sugars to caramelize. This thus preserves the complex taste of coffee. The blonde espresso, therefore, has more complex flavors.


The blonde espresso has a mild, creamy, and slightly sweet taste. Regular espressos on the other hand have a pungent intense taste because of their dark coffee beans. Most coffee experts enjoy the regular one, but who isn’t looking for that sweet taste in coffee once in a while?

Is blonde espresso stronger than regular?

Yes. The coffee grows weaker as more roasting takes place. This means that lighter roasts maintain the strength of coffee more than the regular ones do. The blonde espresso, therefore, is stronger than regular roast.

What makes an espresso blonde?

If you were to get a cup of blonde espresso and another of regular espresso, you would notice a huge difference at first sight. The shorter roast time gives a blonde roast a lighter color compared to dark roast coffee. The espresso is therefore called blonde or light espresso for this reason. Lovers of regular espresso can easily get shocked by the color and taste difference.

Is blonde espresso sweet?

Yes, the blonde espresso has a slightly sweeter taste compared to a regular espresso. It contains that creamy smooth taste and differs from the intense regular espresso.


Blonde and regular espressos are similarly priced but differ in many other things. The blonde espresso is a smooth sweeter choice for those looking to enjoy the taste of sweet coffee even as they get a strong shot of caffeine to kickstart their day. It is also recommended for beginners. Whether the regular espresso with its intense taste or the creamy blonde espresso, both have their advantages and it all comes down to one’s preferences.


  1. Do the caffeine levels of the regular espresso and the blonde espresso differ?

Yes. Although the color and taste are different, the caffeine content also differs. Caffeine content can be affected by many things including the roasting time for the coffee beans. A blonde espresso has around 85 mg of caffeine while a regular one has about 63 mg.

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