Cold Brew Vs. Espresso – is Cold Brew Stronger than Espresso?

Both cold brew and espresso and have enough caffeine to keep you alert and lively throughout the day. Read to find out is cold brew stronger than espresso?

Though cold brew does not have a more solid and concentrated coffee taste than espresso, it is for sure stronger than it thanks to having more caffeine content. Being an espresso lover, I was a bit sceptical of tasting cold brew because I thought it would be a bit bitter and maybe acidic due to its high caffeine content. I did not know I was wrong all this while until my friend convinced me to have some.

I was surprised that its acidity is even much lower than what espresso has due to its brewing method. Let’s just say I became a new fan of the cold brew. Therefore, if you want to try out either, read on to find out more about both the espresso and the cold brew.

Is cold brew the same thing as espresso?

No, cold brew is not the same thing as espresso. The main difference between the two can be attributed to the brewing method. Cold brew is prepared by soaking coffee beans in cold or room temperature water for six to 24 hours, depending on how strong you want it. The more time the coarsely ground coffee beans stay in the water, the more caffeine is extracted. This makes this drink less bitter and acidic despite having a high caffeine content.

On the other hand, espresso is simply concentrated coffee prepared using an espresso machine. The strong coffee taste of espresso can be attributed to the hot pressure applied to the beans when brewing them. Espresso shots can be served in various drinks, with water as Americano, or even drunk alone.

Which has more caffeine – espresso or cold brew?

Cold brew has much more caffeine content than espresso. However, cold brew’s caffeine content can be adjusted by regulating the amount of time the beans are soaked in water. Though an ounce of espresso will contain more caffeine than that of cold brew, this is mainly because of the different serving sizes.

However, a typical cup of espresso will have less caffeine than that in a cold brew. For example, four espresso shots at Starbucks will give you a caffeine content of 300 mg, while a venti size of cold brew will provide you with 310 mg of caffeine.

Espresso vs Cold brew – what are they made of?

Cold brew coffee is made of coarsely ground coffee beans that are soaked in cold water for a period of time ranging from 6 to 24 hours, depending on the caffeine content one wants to extract. On the other hand, espresso is simply prepared using coffee and hot water under high pressure using an espresso machine. The different methods of preparing these two drinks are what give each of them a unique taste and different caffeine content.

Espresso vs Cold brew – what do they taste like?

The cold brew coffee has a smooth taste that is not as bitter as many would have expected, mainly because of the less acidic content in the drink. Some people describe its flavour as chocolate-like, which is also primarily attributed to its brewing method.

On the other hand, the espresso is a perfect balance of a strong coffee taste and caramel flavour. This fruity-like flavour that the espresso offers has made it attract a lot of fans.


In conclusion, cold brew is much stronger than caffeine. It just has a smooth and less bitter taste due to its brewing method, which makes it less acidic. However, these two drinks have relatively higher caffeine content than other coffee drinks. And as mentioned earlier, the caffeine content in cold brew coffee can always be adjusted by regulating the time of soaking the beans in cold water.


1.    What is the main difference between espresso and cold brew?

The main difference between these two drinks is how they are brewed. The cold brew is prepared by soaking coffee beans that have been coarsely ground in cold water, while espresso is brewed by passing coffee through an espresso machine under hot and high pressure.

2.    Which one is acidic between more cold brew and espresso?

Cold brew is less acidic; hence it has a smoother taste.

3.    Does cold brew have more caffeine content than espresso?

Cold brew has more caffeine than espresso as its preparation method of soaking the beans in cold water allows much caffeine to be extracted.

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