3 Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker under $40

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Are you looking for the 3 best 5 cup coffee makers in 2022 and you don’t know where to start? This guide talks about the 3 best 5-cup coffee makers under $40

A good coffee maker is what you need if you cannot get by without a morning cup of a hot well-brewed beverage. Most people’s lifestyles include waking up to two cups of that intense brew before going about their routines. To avoid the hustle of spending on coffee every single morning, it would be a wonderful idea to buy a coffee maker. Having a coffee machine at home allows you to prepare great cafe-quality beverages and enjoy them.

Moreso, for a couple that comprises heavy coffee drinkers, a 5-cup coffee maker is ideal. It is very important to know what to look out for in a coffee maker. Let us delve into the 3 best 5-cup coffee makers in 2022 that one can buy and brew quality beverages at home.

Comparison Between 3 Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker under $40

ModelProduct DimensionsPrice on AmazonSpecial feature
Hamilton Beach Front Fill 5 Cup Compact Coffee MakerDepth 5.8″ Width 10.3″ Height 8.1″Check priceProgrammable
BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffee MakerDepth 7.25″ Width 8.2″ Height 10.75″Check pricePermanent Filter
Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee MakerDepth 6.25″ Width 8″ Height 10″Check priceProgrammable

Product Reviews of the 3 Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker under $40

Hamilton Beach Front fill 5 Cup Compact Coffee MakerBest for small family

This brand by Hamilton Beach is perfect for small apartments and kitchens. It brews up to 5 cups of coffee at a go, thus reducing coffee waste. The coffee maker’s compact design allows it to fit well in kitchen cabinets and can be filled with water without having to remove from underneath the cabinets as it is small. It also has one control button hence very easy to use.

The machine is programmable and can be set up 24 hours earlier so that one can wake up to ready-made coffee. It also has an auto pause and pours feature where the coffee flow stops when the carafe is removed to allow one to pour coffee without creating a mess.

Small and compactDoes not keep coffee warm for long
Filter basket and water task are easy to useStainless steel bottom plate corrodes quickly
ProgrammableNo auto shut off hence unsafe
No leaks

Black & Decker 5-Cup Coffee MakerHas a permanent filter that makes it easy to clean

This is a Black and Decker brand that has a compact design hence saving a lot of space. It has a window on the front that reveals the amount of water that will turn into coffee. Not to forget that water is usually heated to the right brewing temperature for ideal flavor results.

It contains a permanent filter where there is no need for paper filters. Instead, the permanent filter is easy to clean when coffee grounds are used on it. It also has a light switch on and off feature and its removable filter basket is dishwasher friendly. Its best feature is that one is allowed to enjoy a cup before the coffee completely brews. The flow of coffee temporarily stops so you can enjoy your first cup before brewing ends without making a mess. It also has a carafe plate that keeps the coffee hot even after brewing.

Easy to view water windowThe power cord is very short
Keeps your coffee steaming hotNo automatic shut off hence unsafe
Compact and user-friendly

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee MakerBest programmable 5-cup coffee maker

This coffee maker is a brand of Capresso. The compact design machine has a goldstone filter that eliminates the use of a paper filter and also allows for easy cleaning. The machine is programmable and thus automatically brews at the set time. It also has a hot carafe plate that stays on for two hours before automatically going off.

This machine can also be paused for one to pour a cup while it brews. It has a glass carafe with an ergonomic handle, cup markings, and an anti-drip spout for easy handling.

Automatic shut-offA little bit noisy
Compact design
Auto pause
Multiple spray nozzles

What to look out for when buying a 5-cup coffee machine

When buying a 5-cup coffee machine, first find out how easy it is to use. It would be good to know its features and compare them with what you are looking for. Also, consider whether the price matches its value. It would be good to find out what other coffee drinkers think to know whether the machine is worth buying or not.

Consider also whether it can keep your coffee hot and also, if the machine is programmable or if you will have to stay on your toes every time to avoid the brew from spilling. Read here if you are looking for coffee maker with grinder.


All factors considered, the best 5-cup coffee maker under $40 is the Capresso 5-cup mini drip, coffee maker. Not only is this machine programmable, but it also has an automatic shut-off feature. It is small and compact to fit in even small apartments, and it can serve up to 5 cups of coffee.


  1. How many mugs does a 5-cup coffee maker have?

A coffee maker cup is smaller than an average measuring cup. A 5-cup coffee machine does not give 5 cups of coffee on a regular cup. Rather, it gives 25 oz or 740ml of coffee.

  1. Which is better? A glass carafe or a thermal carafe?

This boils down to preference. Some coffee lovers enjoy watching their coffee brew while others prefer how durable a thermal carafe is. Machines with glass carafes have a built-in warming burner to keep your coffee hot. A stainless steel carafe doesn’t come with a burner but will generally keep your coffee warm for about 2 hours using insulation.

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