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With around 64% of all American adults drinking coffee every day (which is around a stunning 400 million cups of coffee consumed every day and 146 billion cups a year), and 167.26 million bags of coffee consumed worldwide, there’s no doubt that coffee is among the world’s most popular drinks, beating even water.

Seed In Cherry Coffee Drink

While many resources exist to educate coffee lovers about their favorite beans, Seed in Cherry is a one-stop site for all coffee lovers, detailing information about all things coffee and coffee alone.

About the Name

Not many people know that the ripe fruits of the coffee plant are actually known as coffee cherries. Seed in Cherry is aptly named after the coffee bean, which is the seed of the “cherry” fruit, dried and processed once the fruit ripens to make excellent brews.

Each fruit or cherry generally contains two coffee beans that lie flat against each other, while some (around 5% of all coffee plants) contain only one seed and are commonly known as peaberries.

Seed In Cherry Coffee Bean

From the fruit to your cup, coffee beans undergo a long journey to become the flavor bombs that they are. The seeds are removed from the pulpy fruit and dried thoroughly, before being hulled, sorted, graded for quality, classified, processed and roasted to exemplify the aroma and flavor, and then ground.

At the end of the day, the coffee that you relish is a labor of love and careful tending, just as Seed in Cherry is.

What’s Seed in Cherry All About?

Seed in Cherry provides users with information on various exclusively coffee topics, such as the best coffee machines and comparisons of different types of brews, and we’re constantly adding to our resources with well-researched and novel articles about one of the world’s most-loved beverages.

Users will find these articles detailed in the website’s “Coffee Machine” and “Coffee Story” sections.

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