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There’s nothing like a strong cup of coffee when you need a pick-me-up. Whether you like to start your mornings with coffee like I do, or enjoy a cup after lunch before you dive into your afternoon work, the right cup of coffee can make everything better. The world agrees, with coffee consumption topping charts as the number one enjoyed hot beverage. Because of its popularity, there are many methods to brew this delicious drink, including the typical drip brew as well as the Moka Pot.

While I prefer a normal-strength brew with a bit of cream, European friends prefer the stronger espresso style of coffee, especially in the afternoon. Now, I am not much of an espresso drinker, but my Spanish friend Monica recently bought a Moka Pot and turned me into a convert. I had to buy my own Moka Pot and I have a standing date every afternoon for a delicious, smooth cup of coffee.

The Moka Pot was designed by Italian Antonia Bialetti in 1933 and is a coffee pot that is composed of three parts (one for water, one for grounds, and one for brewed coffee). Although the pot looks old-fashioned, the innovative design uses pressure to brew the coffee, pushing steam through the grounds to create a strong, espresso-like drink instead of using water to drip down through the grounds. You heat a Moka Pot on the stove, and although the brewing process can seem complicated it’s easier than you think. The important thing to remember is that if you use the wrong grounds, drinkers complain of a burnt taste or bitterness while enjoying their cup of joe. 

When I purchased my own Moka, I tried a variety of roasts and grounds, dedicated to finding the perfect brew to enjoy on snowy afternoons filled with writing. All my research led to a smooth cup of coffee with a sweetness that doesn’t need cream or sugar.

What Roast and Grind Are Right for the Moka Pot?

To get the best cup of coffee, you need to start with the right coffee grounds. When using a Moka Pot, the grounds should be medium-fine and not compacted in the filter chamber, but instead evenly spread out. You want to select roasts and grinds that are closer to espresso, on the medium-dark spectrum. Avoid light roasts, as they tend to be more acidic and produce the bitterness that avid coffee drinkers dislike. You want your grounds to be medium-fine to fine, but not as fine as typical espresso grinds.

Top 5 Coffee Selections for the Moka Pot

Selecting the right coffee is only a click away! Here are my recommendations for brewing the perfect cuppa joe.

1.    Illy Classico Ground Moka Coffee

Since the Moka Pot is Italian, why not start with an Italian blend to transport you to an afternoon on the piazza? A top Moka Coffee selection on Amazon is the Illy Classico Ground Moka Coffee, Medium Roast, 100% Arabica Bean Signature Italian Blend with over 82 percent five-star ratings, and reviews such as “…never knew coffee could be this good…” and “Great Moka Pot choice…with hints of chocolate and a smooth finish…”. This coffee is a traditional medium roast from Italy, with notes of caramel, orange blossom, and jasmine. The brew comes out strong, smooth, and flavorful without any bitterness.

2.    Lavazza Espresso Italiano Ground Coffee

Lavazzais Another favorite Italian brand that reviewers and coffee drinkers from around the world love. Lavazza is a family-owned company that sources its beans from Central and South America which produces a rich, dark roast with hits of flowers and fruit. Perfect for a Moka Pot, drinkers can expect fragrant flavor without the acidity. Reviewers praise Lavazza as “…sweet- makes a perfect latte…” and “…I had no idea what I was missing before. I will never buy another brand of coffee…”. This is the brand that my European friend Monica swears by, and I devour my cup every time I’m at her house.

3.    Bristot Moka Oro Ground Coffee

What about a coffee with hints of spices, caramel, and sandalwood? Bristot Moka Oro Ground Coffee, Italian Ground Espresso is a medium roast with a high level of intensity. The description boasts that it is a balanced blend of Brazilian Arabica and Robusta India coffees that allows a sweet taste and dark chocolate undertones to shine through. Reviews liked the chocolate undertones, especially with cream, and enjoy it as a dessert coffee or the perfect after-lunch pick-me-up. If you like your coffee with a hint of sweetness, this is the brand to try.

4.    Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast

Need a pick-me-up? Are you a college student with a million deadlines? Would you like to try the world’s strongest coffee? Death Wish Coffee Medium Roast Grounds is a USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffee with hints of apricot, caramel, roasted peanuts, and chocolate and TWICE the caffeine of a normal cup of coffee. The Death Wish Brand explains that they grow the beans at a higher altitude for a bold and balanced cup of coffee every time. Reviewers state the finish is smooth without any bitterness, and the caffeine keeps them going all day. Some reviewers have even gone as far as to post their increased heart rates and energy levels in response to drinking this coffee.

5.    DEAD OR ALIVE Moka No8

Another highly rated Moka Coffee is DEAD OR ALIVE COFFEE Moka No8 Medium Roast Espresso Coffee. Made with the highest quality Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, reviewers said, “Strong ….bold ….good taste” and “Great toasted chocolate flavor, strong yet smooth and outstanding finish”. The beans for Dead or Alive Coffee are roasted in Southern Italy from an old Italian recipe that has been going strong for over 100 years. Drinkers who enjoyed Death Wish Coffee also enjoy DEAD OR ALIVE Moke No. 8.

Ready to Buy Your Own Moka Pot?

Whether you are starting a new adventure with your first Moka Pot, or you are tired of your old coffee selection and want to try something new, there are plenty of new grounds out there to test. Are you looking for a coffee with different underlying notes? More caffeine? Or are you still looking for that coffee that is your true love? Branch out and try something new today.

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