Coffee Machine

Good coffee is dependent on two things—the bean and the machine. This section aims to educate coffee lovers about the best coffee makers, equipment, and grinders that can give them the exact, delicious brew that they’re looking for.

Seed In Cherry Coffee Machine

Not only do we give you great recommendations for coffee-making machines, but we also compare various products so that readers can make an informed choice themselves—as coffee lovers ourselves, you know that these are tried-and-tested recommendations.

The “Coffee Machine” segment started with well-put-together articles on the best coffee maker with grinder (trust us when we say few things taste better than brewing a cup with a coffee-maker-cum-grinder) and the best 5 cup coffee maker under $40 (we know everyone works with a budget!).

Coffee Story

A segment we personally love, Seed in Cherry’s “Coffee Story” segment, covers a range of topics about coffee in its different forms.

Seed In Cherry Espresso

From blonde espressos (hello, 2022’s latest trend!) to a low-down on espresso vs cold brew (read the article to find out who won) to more technical topics such as how many bars of pressure you need for the perfect espresso and how many calories a shot of espresso can leave you with (weight watchers, we’ve got you), we’ve got it all covered!

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